Never Done a Track Day?

About the New Rider Program

In 2009 Sergeant Jason Harris (with the FSU Police Department) started a motorsports team to raise awareness to motorcycle safety. A program that started with attending various bike nights and car shows has developed into a state wide network of riders, fans, family and friends helping to spread the work and learn about how to be a better, safer rider. After 2 years now, we've had dozens of riders from throughout the state that have completed their first trackday and have become far safer riders as a result. Many of these riders have not only been back for 2nd, 3rd and even 4th trackday, but they've advanced very quickly to more advanced groups. Learning that there are far more fun and challenging places to enjoy the speed of riding a motorcycle than on the street. And they are doing it in safe, controlled enviroments.

Over the past 3 years, we've sponsored 100 riders! Several riders have become completely dedicated track day riders, completely giving up on street riding as they've seen first hand how much safer and more fun it is at the race track. A few have even begun their racing career.

How the program works is Florida residents that want to learn to be better, safer riders can participate in the program as long as they have never done a trackday before.

If intertested, the Florida resident can send a message to the FSU Police Department Motorsports Team on Facebook or if you don't have Facebook, you can complete our online sporsorship request form here: Once the selection process is completed, you will be contacted.

If selected, you will be notified by email of your sponsorship. Below are things that you will need, we can help you with and what you need to bring.

Below is a calendar of upcoming events that we will be holding our "New Rider Program" at.

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions that we have received.

  1. What happens if it rains? The events are rain or shine, believe it or not, students have learned as much or even more in the rain than in the dry! Check out some of the reviews from events involving rain on the facebook page. If the rain is too heavy the track will cancel the event and it will be rescheduled for another day.
  2. How fast will I have to go? One thing you will hear us preech is that you should NEVER go faster than you are comfortable with. We keep the instructor to rider ratio very low (almost 1 on 1) to make sure no one goes faster than they want or feel pressured to go faster.
  3. What if I'm too slow? It's not possible to be "too slow." The first session of the day is VERY slow, intentionally so. Then as the day progresses we evaluate each rider and advance the rider based on the skill level of each individual rider. Always keeping the rider within their limits in or to maximize their learning.
  4. Can I ride my bike to the track? Yes you can, however we don't recommend it. As with anything in life, accidents happen and there are a lot of dangers on the roads between your home and the racetrack.

If you don't understand any of these things or need some help, please don't hesitate to ask.

  1. You must have a proper suit, this can be a 1-piece or 2-piece. However a 2-piece must have a 360° zipper. Rentals are often available through the organizer or the track. Please ask us if you need help.
  2. Road race boots must extend well above the pantleg and strap above the ankle
  3. Gauntlet gloves must extend well above the sleeve/wrist and have a strap above the wrist.
  4. Full face DOT approved helmet free from damage.
  5. A clean functional motorcycle, free from leaks or loose parts.
  6. Throttle must return on its own, we must hear the snap.
  7. Tires and brakes must be in good condition with at least 50% life remaining.
  8. FSU/DOT will cover approximately $100.00 of the entry fee for the one day. The sponsored rider is responsible for the remaining cost. This varies depending on the organizer and the venue. It can range between $60-$105.
  9. You are also responsible for any gate fees for yourself as well as any family and/or friends accompanying you. This is typically $10.00 per person.
  10. You're responsible for your own fuel. We will typically use about (1) full tank of gas in a day. About 5 gallons.
  11. You must provide your own food. Some events have food vendors, but not all. Please ask if you need to know about a specific event.

You are welcome to do these items before hand, but we can do them onsite.

  1. Headlights need to be taped over (typically using masking tape).
  2. Blinkers need to be taped over (typically using masking tape).
  3. Any reflectors need to be taped over (typically using masking tape).
  4. Mirrors must be either taped over (typcially using masking tape) and folded in or removed.
  5. Brake light must be taped over and has to be done so that the brake light doesn't bleed through. Often we tape them over and unplug them whenever possible.
  6. License plate removed.
  7. Remove or zip tie passenger pegs in the up or closed position.
  8. Wheels weights must be taped, if you chose to do this please use duct-tape (masking tape won't stay) and clean the wheel beforehand.

Again, you're welcome to do these things before coming to the track, but if you prefer we can help you with these things when we get to the track the morning of the event.

These are the things we will bring, but obviously you are welcome to bring these items too.

  1. When the track doesn't have cover, we will provide tents for us to sit under (shade).
  2. Chairs are provided (if you bring family or friends, please bring chairs for them).
  3. We will have a cooler with ice and water. If you want something specific, please bring it with you.
  4. Track maps for whichever track you are attending will be provided.
  5. You will be provided with an instructor that will work with this group throughout the day.
  6. Groups are limited in size to maximize the instruction time which helps our riders to excel very quickly.

Violation of these or other rules may result in your attendence being suspended.

  1. No achohol of any kind can be at the track.
  2. No illegal drugs can be at the track and no drugs that can impair the rider can be taken.
  3. No stunts are allowed (wheelies, stoppies, burnouts, etc...)
  4. Riders must show up on time.
  5. Riders must listen to any and all staff members.
  6. No music can be played while riding.

Please note anything listed above may change without notice.